Turtle Town Cafe

"A place to come out of your shell"

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A Vision for the Future

Turtle Town Café is part of Bridges' broader vision to increase independence, autonomy, dignity and respect for persons with developmental disabilities through full social integration. Starting September 2009, Turtle Town Café provides employment-readiness programs that teaches our clients skills such as customer service, cash handling, cleaning and recycling, marketing and planning, and othes that prepare them for real employment.

At the beginning, the Café is open for our members (a.k.a. friends of Turtle Town Café) only, and on particular days when we have events such as Free Coffee Fridays. This allows us to start the program with limited resources, and grow according to the needs of our clients and potential employers.

Our goal is to develop the Café into a full-fledged café open to the public, and to offer fully certified one-stop vocational training and job development program. Join us now and become a Friend of Turtle Town Café to help us grow into our vision over the next several years.

For more information, please contact us.

Become a Friend of Turtle Town

When you become a friend of Turtle Town Café, you are helping Bridges become more stable financially so that we can continue to expand our services to persons with developmental disabilities.

In addition, you will receive:

Membership fee is ten dollars each month, and can be paid by check, credit card, or online (or by cash at our events). Please download the membership brochure (PDF) and send us your application.

Better yet, become a Volunteer!

Volunteers play important roles at Bridges to Independence. We believe that volunteers are particularly important for our programs because volunteers can interact with our clients as peers. Volunteers develop unique relationships with our clients that are distinct from those between social workers and their clients, and these ties are essential if we were to advocate for true social integration. In other words: volunteers do something that our staff members cannot do by ourselves, and that is why we need you. See volunteer page for more information.