Make a Donation to BTI

Thank you for your interest in making a donation to Bridges to Independence! All of your contributions go toward sustaining and improving programs that serve the needs of people with developmental disabilities. Once we receive a donation, we will send you a receipt and a copy of our IRS tax exempt letter that you can use for tax deduction purposes.

Below, you will see several different ways to make contributions.

Donating via Paypal

The quickiest way to make a donation to Bridges to Independence is by using Paypal. Paypal accepts all major credit cards, and does not share your card information with us. You can begin the process by clicking the button below.

Donating by Mail

You can send check or money order to Bridges to Independence, 7958 SE Foster Rd., Portland, Oregon 97206. We currently do not accept credit cards by mail, but we are looking into it.

Donating Stuff

Please look through our wishlist to see if we are looking for something you have. Please note that we are not seeking donations of clothings at this point.

Donating Services or Labor

Please look at our volunteer page.