Steps To Learn: Money Management Program

Bridges to Independence provides a full range of money management services including, but not limited to, representative payee services. Bridges uses a teaching model and step-by-step instruction to assist our clients in managing their money. At Bridges clients are present for and involved in all actions and decisions regarding their money management.

The first step in the process of receiving services is for a potential client to schedule an intake with our staff. A potential client may invite anyone they like to attend the intake including personal agents, family members, significant others, etc. At the intake BTI staff will answer questions about the program and ask the potential client about their goals, needs, and expectations.

Once a client decides to start the program a contract for services is generated and goals are set. Goals can run the gambit from understanding basics to eventually becoming ones own payee. The next step is for a new client to complete an assessment to determine current abilities and skill levels.

After the assessment period a client typically meets with his or her worker weekly or biweekly to budget, write checks, pay bills, update register, and balance statement. Instruction can also include determining needs vs. wants, savings goals, communicating effectively with creditors, and understanding financial consequences.

Client choice, transparency, communication, and trust are the cornerstones of Steps to Learn. Please contact us with any questions.

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