Get Involved at Bridges to Independence

Volunteers play important roles at Bridges to Independence. If you are interested in getting involved, there almost certainly is a place for you. Please contact us if you are interested in any of the following positions, or have other ideas.

Rec Program Volunteers

Rec Program Volunteers attend our recreational activities scheduled throughout the month and interact directly with our clients, having fun and providing assistance along the way as needed. Activities include bingo, bowling, swimming, art nights, video games, karaoke, field trips, and others (Bridges pays all recreation-related expenses for volunteers).

Unlike some other agencies, we do not regard Rec Program Volunteers only as staff's helpers. One of the most important roles for our Rec Program Volunteers is to be peers from the wider society to our clients as a step toward their inclusion and integration into the mainstream of the society. Rec Program Volunteers develop relationships with our clients that are distinct from relationships between a social worker and a client.

For a sample of activities that you might want to attend, please see our events calendar. Please note that the law requires a police background check before one can become a Rec Program Volunteer, although criminal record does not necessarily disqualify would-be volunteers.

Turtle Town Operators

Starbucks calls its employees "partners," but we have a more interesting title. Turtle Town Operators work at Turtle Town Cafe, our brand new coffee shop, community center, and innovative vocational training program. With our staff, you will assist our clients learn various job skills.

Event Planners

Event Planners schedule, promote and produce evening events held at Turtle Town Cafe, our coffee shop and community center. Examples include band performances, open mics, speed dating, karaoke nights, comedy shows, classes, etc.

These events bring customers to Turtle Town, providing opportunities for our clients in vocational training program to serve them. They also help build an inclusive, supportive community, allowing full integration of people with developmental disabilities and those without.

Office Assistants

Of course, we wouldn't be a non-profit agency if we didn't have tons of office tasks that someone could come and help us with. Office Assistants are highly appreciated--we love you!

Grant Writers & Fundraisers

In an ideal world, the government would provide enough funding to pay for services people with disabilities need so that we do not need to worry about fundraising. But we all know that things are far from ideal, hence the need for writing grants and holding fundraisers. In particular, we need lots of help with the annual silent auction, which is our biggest fundraising event.

Board Members

Our Board of Directors is an all-volunteer body of up to 15 individuals who represent various aspects of our community. In addition to providing oversight for the agency, the Board works alongside the staff to transform our vision of full social inclusion and autonomy for people with developmental disabilities into concrete actions.

Other Tasks

There are many other ways you could help--be imaginative! Here are some examples:

Ready to jump in? Having anxieties? Please do not hesitate to contact us about your interest!